MVCxClientImageGallery Events

A client-side counterpart of the ImageGallery extension.
Name Description
BeginCallback Occurs when a callback for server-side processing is initiated.
CallbackError Fires on the client if any server error occurs during server-side processing of a callback sent by the ASPxClientDataView. Inherited from ASPxClientDataView.
EndCallback Occurs on the client side after a callback's server-side processing has been completed. Inherited from ASPxClientDataView.
FullscreenViewerActiveItemIndexChanged Occurs on the client side after an active item has been changed within the fullscreen viewer. Inherited from ASPxClientImageGallery.
FullscreenViewerShowing Fires on the client side before the fullscreen viewer is shown and allows you to cancel the action. Inherited from ASPxClientImageGallery.
Init Occurs on the client side after the control has been initialized. Inherited from ASPxClientControlBase.
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