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DiagramEditOperation.ChangeShapeText Property

Identifies the ChangeShapeText operation.


static readonly ChangeShapeText: string

Property Value

Type Description

Returns “ChangeShapeText”.


The operation parameter returns the ChangeShapeText value if the RequestEditOperation event fired because a user changed a shape’s text.

<dx:ASPxDiagram ID="Diagram" runat="server" Width="100%" Height="600px">
    <ClientSideEvents RequestEditOperation="onRequestEditOperation" />
function onRequestEditOperation(s, e) {
    if(e.operation === DiagramEditOperation.ChangeShapeText) {
        if(e.args.text === "") {
            if(e.reason !== DiagramRequestEditOperationReason.CheckUIElementAvailability)
                showWarning("A shape text cannot be empty.");
            e.allowed = false;

The RequestEditOperation event does not fire for the ChangeShapeText operation if the AllowChangeShapeText property is set to false.

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