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ASPxClientSpreadsheetViewMode Enum

Lists values identifying the Spreadsheet’s view modes.


declare enum ASPxClientSpreadsheetViewMode {
    Editing = 0,
    Reading = 1,


Name Description

Specifies that the Spreadsheet is in Editing view mode. In this view mode, users can edit a document’s content.


Specifies that the Spreadsheet is in Reading view mode. In this view mode, users cannot edit a document’s content.


The Spreadsheet control provides the Reading view mode that simplifies viewing documents on mobile devices. When the control in this view mode, all documents are opened in the read-only mode, and the ribbon toolbar is replaced with the specific toolbar for the Reading view mode. The Reading view mode is an alternative to the Editing view mode - the view mode that provides the standard full-featured Spreadsheet.

The values listed by this enumerator are returned by the ASPxClientSpreadsheet.GetViewMode property.