ASPxClientHint.Hiding Event

Occurs on the client side when a hint is about to be hidden.


Hiding: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientHintHidingEventHandler>

Event Data

The Hiding event's data class is ASPxClientHintHidingEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
cancel Gets or sets a value indicating whether the event should be canceled.
contentElement Gets the object that is the hint's content.
hintElement Gets the object that is the hint element.
targetElement Gets the object that is the hint's target element.
titleElement Gets the object that is the hint's title.


Write a Hiding event handler to perform specific actions on the client side, before a hint window has been hidden.

The event argument's properties allow you to access the target element and hint elements (the content element, title element and hint element itself) related to the event.

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