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ASPxClientDateEdit.SetMinDate(date) Method

Sets the minimum date of the editor.


SetMinDate(date: Date): void


Name Type Description
date Date

A DateTime object representing the minimum date.


Use the ASPxClientDateEdit.SetMaxDate method to specify the maximum date on the client side. To specify the minimum and maximum dates on the server, use the ASPxDateEdit.MinDate and ASPxDateEdit.MaxDate properties.

The ASPxClientDateEdit.GetMaxDate and ASPxClientDateEdit.GetMinDate methods are useful to obtain the minimum and maximum dates of the editor.


Note that an editor's minimum date value specified by the client SetMinDate method is not synchronized with the ASPxDateEdit.MinDate property value.

When the ASPxDateEdit.MinDate property is assigned on the server, its value is saved in the Control.ViewState. The Control.ViewState is saved on the page in a hidden field and cannot be modified on the client. When a postback is sent, the previous value of the ASPxDateEdit.MinDate property (saved in ViewState) is applied and a new editor value becomes invalid and is changed to the previous one.

dateEdit.SetMinDate(new Date("October 18, 2015 11:13:00")); 
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