ASPxClientCommandConsts.FONTSIZE_COMMAND Property

Identifies a command that changes the size of the selected text.


static FONTSIZE_COMMAND: string

Property Value

Type Description

Value: "fontsize"


The FONTSIZE_COMMAND property can be used in the following ways.

  • In the ASPxClientHtmlEditor.CommandExecuted event — to determine the toolbar or ribbon item clicked by an end-user. If the ASPxClientHtmlEditorCommandEventArgs.commandName event parameter returns the FONTSIZE_COMMAND property value, this means that either the ToolbarFontSizeEdit toolbar item or the HEFontSizeRibbonCommand ribbon item (depending upon the toolbar mode used) has been manipulated by an end-user.
  • In the ASPxClientHtmlEditor.ExecuteCommand method — to execute the command manually.

    In this case, the method requires an additional parameter, which is the new size of the font. It can be passed in two ways.

    • An integer value from 1 to 7. Each value corresponds to one of the seven default values:


    • A string represents the required value in pixels.
    //changes the size of the font to 12pt
    htmlEditor.ExecuteCommand(ASPxClientCommandConsts.FONTSIZE_COMMAND, 3);
    //changes the size of the font to 16px
    htmlEditor.ExecuteCommand(ASPxClientCommandConsts.FONTSIZE_COMMAND, '16px');

This command is available only in the Design View.

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