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TabbedLayoutGroup Properties

A tabbed layout group in the ASPxFormLayout control.
Name Description
ActiveTabIndex Gets or sets the index of a tab (tabbed page) which is selected within the control.
BackgroundImage Gets the tabbed layout group's background image.
Border Gets the tabbed layout group border settings defined by the current style.
BorderBottom Gets the settings of the tabbed layout group bottom border.
BorderLeft Gets the settings of the tabbed layout group left border.
BorderRight Gets the settings of the tabbed layout group right border.
BorderTop Gets the settings of the tabbed layout group top border.
Caption Gets or sets the text displayed in the tabbed layout group.
ClientInstanceName Gets or sets the tabbed layout group's client programmatic identifier.
ClientSideEvents Gets an object that lists the client-side events specific to the tabbed layout group.
ClientVisible Gets or sets a value that specifies the layout item's initial visibility state on the client. Inherited from LayoutItemBase.
Collection Gets the collection to which an item belongs. Inherited from CollectionItem.
ColSpan Gets or sets the number of columns that the layout item spans. This property is not in effect in adaptive mode, use the LayoutItemBase.Width property instead. Inherited from LayoutItemBase.
ColumnSpan Gets or sets a value specifying the number of columns the Form Layout item occupies. Inherited from LayoutItemBase.
Height Gets or sets the layout item height. Inherited from LayoutItemBase.
HorizontalAlign Gets or sets the current layout item's horizontal alignment. Inherited from LayoutItemBase.
Images Provides access to the settings that define images displayed within the ASPxFormLayout's tabbed group visual elements.
Index Gets or sets the item's index within the collection. Inherited from CollectionItem.
IsCaptionAssigned For internal use only. Inherited from LayoutItemBase.
Items Provides access to the layout group's item collection. Inherited from LayoutGroupBase.