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SiteMapControlColumnSeparatorTemplateContainer Members

A container for the templates used to render the ASPxSiteMap's column separator element.


Name Description
SiteMapControlColumnSeparatorTemplateContainer(Int32, SiteMapNode) Initializes a new instance of the SiteMapControlColumnSeparatorTemplateContainer class with the specified settings.


Name Description
Adapter protected Gets the browser-specific adapter for the control. Inherited from Control.
AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory Gets or sets the application-relative virtual directory of the Page or UserControl object that contains this control. Inherited from Control.
BindingContainer Gets the control that contains this control's data binding. Inherited from Control.
ChildControlsCreated protected Gets a value that indicates whether the server control's child controls have been created. Inherited from Control.
ClientID Gets the template container's client identifier. Inherited from TemplateContainerBase.
ClientIDMode Gets or sets the algorithm that is used to generate the value of the ClientID property. Inherited from