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PagerSettingsEx Members

Contains pager settings.


Name Description
PagerSettingsEx() Initializes a new instance of the PagerSettingsEx class.
PagerSettingsEx(IPropertiesOwner) Initializes a new instance of the PagerSettingsEx class with the specified owner.


Name Description
AllButton Gets the All button’s settings.
CurrentPageNumberFormat Gets or sets the pattern used to format the text of the numeric button that corresponds to the selected page.
EllipsisMode Gets or sets how an Ellipsis symbol(s) is drawn to indicate page numbers that are omitted.
EnableAdaptivity Specifies whether an adaptive behavior is enabled for the pager.
FirstPageButton Gets the First button’s settings.
LastPageButton Gets the Last button’s settings.
NextPageButton Gets the Next button’s settings.
NumericButtonCount Gets or sets the maximum number of numeric buttons that can be displayed within a paginated control.
PageNumberFormat Gets or sets the pattern used to format the text of numeric buttons.
PageSizeItemSettings Gets the Page Size Item element’s settings.
Position Gets or sets the pager’s position within a paginated control.
PrevPageButton Gets the Previous button’s settings.
RenderMode Obsolete. Gets or sets a value that specifies the render mode of the pager elements.
SEOFriendly Gets or sets whether Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) mode is enabled.
SeoNavigateUrlFormatString Gets or sets the pattern used to format the pages’ navigation URLs in Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) mode.
ShowDefaultImages Gets or sets whether default button images are shown.
ShowDisabledButtons Gets or sets whether navigation buttons that are temporarily disabled are shown.
ShowNumericButtons Gets or sets whether numeric buttons are visible.
ShowSeparators Gets or sets whether separators that separate page numbers are shown.
Summary Gets the control’s Summary settings.
Visible Gets or sets whether the pager is visible.


Name Description
Assign(PropertiesBase) Copies the settings from the specified PropertiesBase object to the current object.
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Equals(Object, Object) static Determines whether the specified object instances are considered equal. Inherited from Object.
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