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WebDocumentViewerSettings Properties

Stores settings of the WebDocumentViewerExtension.
Name Description
AccessKey Gets or sets the access key that allows you to quickly navigate to the ASP.NET MVC extension. Inherited from SettingsBase.
AllowURLsWithJSContent Specifies whether or not the execution of the JavaScript code placed in URLs is allowed.
Attributes Gets the collection of arbitrary attributes (for rendering only) that do not correspond to properties on the control. Inherited from SettingsBase.
ClientSideEvents Provides access to the client-side events specific to the WebDocumentViewerSettings.
ControlStyle Provides access to the style settings declared at the root level of the extension's wrapped web server control. Inherited from SettingsBase.
DisableHttpHandlerValidation Specifies whether to disable the HttpHandler validation.
Enabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the MVC Extension is enabled, allowing it to respond to end-user interactions. Inherited from SettingsBase.
EnableTheming Gets or sets a value indicating whether themes apply to this extension. Inherited from SettingsBase.
EncodeHtml Inherited from SettingsBase.
Height Gets or sets the height of the extension. Inherited from SettingsBase.
Init Enables you to perform custom actions when an extension is initialized. Inherited from SettingsBase.
MenuItems Provides access to the collection of menu items of the WebDocumentViewerSettings.
MobileMode Specifies whether or not the Web Document Viewer should be configured for use on mobile devices.
Name Gets or sets the unique identifier name for the extension. Inherited from SettingsBase.
PreRender Allows custom processing to be implemented before the extension is rendered to the page. Inherited from SettingsBase.
ReportSourceId Specifies the source report ID.
SettingsClientSideModel Provides access to the settings of the Web Document Viewer's client-side model.
SettingsMobile Provides access to the Mobile Mode settings.
SettingsRemoteSource Provides access to the Web Document Viewer's remote document source settings.
SettingsTabPanel Provides access to the Web Document Viewer's tab panel settings.
SkinID Gets or sets the skin to apply to the control. Inherited from SettingsBase.
Style Gets a collection of all cascading style sheet (CSS) properties applied to an extension. Inherited from SettingsBase.
TabIndex Gets or sets the tab index of the control element of the web page. Inherited from SettingsBase.
Theme For internal use. Indicates the theme that is currently applied to the MVCxWebDocumentViewer.
ToolTip Gets or sets a UI element's tooltip text. Inherited from SettingsBase.
Width Gets or sets the width of the extension. Inherited from SettingsBase.
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