TreeListExtension.ExportToRtf(TreeListSettings, TreeListVirtualModeCreateChildrenMethod, TreeListVirtualModeNodeCreatingMethod, String, Boolean, RtfExportOptions) Method

Exports the TreeList, which operates in virtual mode, to RTF, based on the provided settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v20.1.dll


public static ActionResult ExportToRtf(
    TreeListSettings settings,
    TreeListVirtualModeCreateChildrenMethod createChildrenMethod,
    TreeListVirtualModeNodeCreatingMethod nodeCreatingMethod,
    string fileName,
    bool saveAsFile,
    RtfExportOptions exportOptions
Public Shared Function ExportToRtf(
    settings As TreeListSettings,
    createChildrenMethod As TreeListVirtualModeCreateChildrenMethod,
    nodeCreatingMethod As TreeListVirtualModeNodeCreatingMethod,
    fileName As String,
    saveAsFile As Boolean,
    exportOptions As RtfExportOptions
) As ActionResult


Name Type Description
settings TreeListSettings

A TreeListSettings object that contains Tree List settings.

createChildrenMethod TreeListVirtualModeCreateChildrenMethod

A delegate method of the TreeListVirtualModeCreateChildrenMethod type that enables you to create a list of business objects that correspond to the child nodes owned by the processed node.

nodeCreatingMethod TreeListVirtualModeNodeCreatingMethod

A delegate method of the TreeListVirtualModeNodeCreatingMethod type that enables you to specify the node's key value and cell values.

fileName String

A String value that specifies the target file name.

saveAsFile Boolean

true to display the File Download dialog; false to display the file with exported data within a page.

exportOptions RtfExportOptions

A RtfExportOptions object that provides export options.


Type Description

A ActionResult encapsulating the result of the Tree List data export operation.

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