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MVCxSplitterPaneCollection.IndexOf(MVCxSplitterPane) Method

Searches for the specified pane object and returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence within the collection.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v18.2.dll


public int IndexOf(
    MVCxSplitterPane pane
Public Function IndexOf(
    pane As MVCxSplitterPane
) As Integer


Name Type Description
pane MVCxSplitterPane

A MVCxSplitterPane object representing the pane to locate in the collection.


Type Description

The zero-based index of the first occurrence of the specified pane within the collection, if found; otherwise, it returns negative one (-1).


The IndexOf method enables you to determine where a pane specified by the pane parameter is located within the pane collection represented by the current object. The collection of pane objects can be accessed via the SplitterSettings.Panes property of a SplitterSettings object or by using a pane's SplitterPane.Panes property.

This method searches the pane collection for the specified pane, and if found, returns the index value of the first occurrence. If no instance is found, a negative one (-1) is returned. The collection of panes is searched forward starting with the first element and ending with the last one.

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