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MVCxPivotGridExportSettings.CustomExportFieldValue Property

Enables you to render a different content for individual field values, if the PivotGrid is exported in the WYSIWYG mode.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v18.2.dll


public EventHandler<WebCustomExportFieldValueEventArgs> CustomExportFieldValue { get; set; }
Public Property CustomExportFieldValue As EventHandler(Of WebCustomExportFieldValueEventArgs)

Property Value

Type Description

A delegate method allowing you to implement custom processing.

Property Paths

You can access this nested property as listed below:

Object Type Path to CustomExportFieldValue


The CustomExportFieldValue event occurs for each field value when the PivotGrid is being exported in WYSIWYG mode, exported to PDF or printed. You can handle this event to change the field value's appearance and contents in a printed document.


The complete sample project How to obtain the appointment, resource or time interval selected by an end-user is available in the DevExpress Examples repository.

settings.SettingsExport.CustomExportFieldValue = (sender, e) =>
    if (e.Field != null)
        if (e.Field.FieldName == "ProductName")
            e.Brick.Url = String.Format("https://www.google.com/search?q={0}", e.Text);
            ((DevExpress.XtraPrinting.TextBrick)e.Brick).Target = "_blank";
        if (e.Field.FieldName == "Country" && e.Text == "USA")
            DevExpress.XtraPrinting.ImageBrick imBrick = new DevExpress.XtraPrinting.ImageBrick();
            imBrick.Image = Image.FromFile(HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/Content/us.png"));
            imBrick.SizeMode = DevExpress.XtraPrinting.ImageSizeMode.AutoSize;
            e.Brick = imBrick;

The CustomExportFieldValue and MVCxPivotGridExportSettings.CustomExportCell events are not in effect during the export in Data-Aware mode. To customize cells in Data-Aware export mode, use the PivotXlsExportOptions.CustomizeCell and PivotXlsxExportOptions.CustomizeCell events.

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