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GridViewDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings Members

Contains the column's header filter specific settings.


Name Description
GridViewDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings(GridDataColumnAdapter) For internal use only.


Name Description
DateRangeCalendarSettings Gets the settings of the header filter calendar.
DateRangePeriodsSettings Gets the settings of the header filter periods section.
DateRangePickerSettings Gets the settings of the header filter date range picker.
ListBoxSearchUISettings Provides access to the settings used to define the list box's search UI within the grid's header filter. Inherited from GridDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings.
Mode Specifies the type of header filter used for the current column. Inherited from GridDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings.


Name Description
Assign(GridDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings) Copies the settings from the specified GridDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings object to the current object. Inherited from GridDataColumnHeaderFilterSettings.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.