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CardViewCustomCommandButtonCollection Members

Represents the collection of custom command buttons.


Name Description
CardViewCustomCommandButtonCollection(IWebControlObject) Initializes a new instance of the CardViewCustomCommandButtonCollection class with the specified settings.


Name Description
Count Gets the number of items contained within the collection. Inherited from StateManagedCollectionBase.
IsEmpty Gets a value indicating whether the collection is empty. Inherited from StateManagedCollectionBase.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to individual items within the Collection<T>. Inherited from Collection<T>.
Item[String] Returns the button with the specified ID or caption.
Owner Gets or sets the collection's owner. Inherited from Collection.


Name Description
Add(T) Adds the specified element to the end of the collection. Inherited from Collection<T>.
Add(T[]) Adds the specified elements to the end of the collection. Inherited from Collection<T>.