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ASPxVerticalGridExportSettings Properties

Contains the export settings to be applied when the VerticalGrid's data is exported.
Name Description
EnableClientSideExportAPI Gets or sets a value specifying whether the client exporting API is enabled. Inherited from ASPxGridExportSettings.
ExcelExportMode Gets or sets a value specifying the export mode when saving grid data to XLS, XLSX and CSV formats. Inherited from ASPxGridExportSettings.
ExportSelectedRecordsOnly Specifies if only selected records should be exported.
FileName Gets or sets the file name to which the grid's data is exported.
HeaderIndentWidth Gets or sets the header indent width within the ASPxVerticalGrid when it is exported.
Landscape Gets or sets whether data is exported in Landscape. Setting this property to true is not in effect when exporting to XLX or XLSX.
PageFooter Gets the page footer's settings.
PageHeader Gets the page header's settings.
PaperKind Gets or sets the type of paper for the exported report.
PaperName Gets or sets the name of the custom paper which is used for export purposes.
PrintSelectCheckBox Gets or sets whether check boxes (or radio buttons) used to select/deselect records, are printed.
ReportFooter Gets or sets the text displayed within a report's footer.
ReportHeader Gets or sets the text displayed within a report's header.
RightToLeft Gets or sets a value specifying whether or not the current control supports right-to-left representation. Inherited from ASPxGridExportSettings.
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