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ASPxGridLookup Properties

An editor that allows end-users to easily select values from a dropdown grid containing lookup items.
Name Description
AccessibilityCompliant Enables accessibility support. Inherited from ASPxButtonEditBase.
AccessKey Gets or sets the access key that allows you to quickly navigate to the Web server control. Inherited from WebControl.
Adapter protected Gets the browser-specific adapter for the control. Inherited from Control.
AllowMouseWheel Gets or sets a value that specifies whether an end-user is able to change the editor's value using the mouse wheel. Inherited from ASPxButtonEditBase.
AllowUserInput Gets or sets a value that specifies whether end-users are allowed to input values into an editor's edit box. Inherited from ASPxButtonEditBase.
AnimationType Gets or sets a value specifying the animation type used when the editor's drop down window is invoked. Inherited from ASPxDropDownEditBase.
AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory Gets or sets the application-relative virtual directory of the Page or UserControl object that contains this control. Inherited from Control.
Attributes Gets the collection of arbitrary attributes (for rendering only) that do not correspond to properties on the control. Inherited from WebControl.
AutoCompleteType This property is not in effect for the ASPxDropDownEditBase class. Inherited from ASPxDropDownEditBase.
AutoGenerateColumns Gets or sets whether columns are automatically created for all fields in the underlying data source.
AutoPostBack Gets or sets a value that specifies whether server-side processing is required to respond to specific predefined user actions. Inherited from ASPxEdit.
AutoResizeWithContainer Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the editor, whose width is a percentage value, can be resized automatically when the width of its resizable container changes. Inherited from ASPxTextEdit.
BackColor Gets or sets the background color of the Web server control. Inherited from