Binding to Data Overview

Apart from the possibility of creating windows and specifying their properties manually, data from a data source file can be used to populate windows through a binding process. The ASPxPopupControl can be bound to any object that implements the IListSource, IEnumerable or IDataSource interface (e.g. SqlDataSource, XmlDataSource).

A data source can be specified by using any of the following properties of the ASPxPopupControl control:

The image below demonstrates the path for binding an ASPxPopupControl to an XML file.

ASPxPopupControl - Binding To Xml

ASPxPopupControl automatically creates a PopupWindow object for each record in the data source and retrieves their property values from corresponding items.

Additionally, ASPxPopupControl provides you with specific events related to data binding that you can handle according to your application logic (for example, modify window content style).


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