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Right to Left Support

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Most DevExpress ASP.NET controls support right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew; this allows you to create international web pages that support the right-to-left reading order and the mirroring of UI elements.

The image below illustrates how DevExpress web controls are displayed in a right-to-left layout.



The following DevExpress web controls do not currently offer right-to-left support: ASPxScheduler, ASPxSpreadsheet, ASPxRichEdit, and ASPxPivotGrid.

Setting an Individual Control

If you need to switch the display of an individual DevExpress web control to right-to-left, enable the RightToLeft property (e.g., use the ASPxNavBar.RightToLeft property for the ASPxNavBar control). When this property is enabled, the text flows from right-to-left, and the layout of most control UI elements is reversed.

Setting Controls Globally

To switch the display of all DevExpress web controls in a website to right-to-left, enable the global ASPxWebControl.GlobalRightToLeft property. Note that you should specify this property before the PreRender event is raised.

Using a Configuration Option

The most common scenario is to switch the entire web application to a right-to-left representation. In this case, instead of setting the RightToLeft property of each DevExpress web control used within the page, you can enable a specific configuration option (rightToLeft) within the application’s Web.config file. This option can be accessed within the settings group of the Web.config file’s devExpress section. See Web.Config Options: Right to Left Support to learn more.