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A gutter is the spacing within a menu item. A root menu gutter is the gutter displayed at the top level. The root menu gutter is displayed if the menu is vertically oriented (the ASPxMenu.Orientation property is set to Vertical).


Note that the gutter width does not affect the position of an item image or text. Use the TextIndent property to control the text indent of an item that has no image. To control the amount of space between an image and the text content within a menu item, use the ImageSpacing property.

The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Root Menu Members Sub Menu Members
Gutter Background Image ASPxMenuBase.GutterBackgroundImage MenuStyle.GutterBackgroundImage
Gutter Width ASPxMenuBase.GutterWidth MenuStyle.GutterWidth
Gutter CSS Class ASPxMenuBase.GutterCssClass MenuStyle.GutterCssClass
Image Spacing AppearanceStyle.ImageSpacing (via ASPxMenuBase.ItemStyle.ImageSpacing) via ASPxMenuBase.SubMenuItemStyle.ImageSpacing)
Text Indent ASPxMenuBase.TextIndent MenuStyle.TextIndent