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Root Item

The Root Item represents the menu item displayed at the top level.


The table below lists the main members that affect the element’s appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Style ASPxMenuBase.ItemStyle, ASPxMenuBase.LinkStyle
Paddings ASPxMenuBase.Paddings
Spacings ASPxMenuBase.ItemSpacing
Image ASPxMenuBase.ItemImage
Settings ASPxMenu.ItemAutoWidth, ASPxMenuBase.RootItem, MenuItemStyleBase.Width
Template ASPxMenuBase.RootItemTemplate, ASPxMenuBase.RootItemTextTemplate
Selection ASPxMenuBase.SelectParentItem
Gutter[1] ASPxMenuBase.GutterCssClass, ASPxMenuBase.GutterBackgroundImage, ASPxMenuBase.GutterWidth
  1. The root menu gutter is displayed if the menu is vertically oriented (the ASPxMenu.Orientation property is set to Vertical).