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The Gantt control (ASPxGantt) visualizes the task flow.


  • Data-Bound Mode

    You should bind the Gantt control to a data source to display task data. It supports standard data source types including SqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource, XmlDataSource, AccessDataSource, and SiteMapDataSource.

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  • View Types

    The Gantt control allows you to switch between display styles (Hours, Days, Weeks, and Months) to change the date intervals on the timescale.

    See demo

  • Custom Work Time

    You can specify the work time, workdays, and holidays.

    More details | See demo

  • Task title position

    The Gantt control supports the following task title display styles: hidden, within tasks, and next to tasks.

    See demo

  • Resources

    You can add resources to a project and assign them to tasks. Resources can be people responsible for tasks, equipment, materials, etc. The Gantt control displays resources as labels on the right of the tasks.

    See demo

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