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Popup Edit Form

The Popup Edit Form allows end-users to edit cell values. It is displayed when an end-user clicks the Edit command item within the command column, provided that the ASPxGridViewEditingSettings.Mode option is set to GridViewEditingMode.PopupEditForm.

Popup Edit Form mode allows you to display images and memo data together with in-line editing. This allows for more effective page constraints.



The table below lists the main properties that affect element functionality.

Characteristics Members
Availability ASPxGridViewEditingSettings.Mode
Caption GridEditFormPopupSettings.ShowHeader, ASPxGridViewTextSettings.PopupEditFormCaption
Position GridEditFormPopupSettings.HorizontalAlign, GridEditFormPopupSettings.HorizontalOffset, GridEditFormPopupSettings.VerticalAlign, GridEditFormPopupSettings.VerticalOffset
Size GridEditFormPopupSettings.Height, GridEditFormPopupSettings.Width
Style GridViewPopupControlStyles.EditForm
Template GridViewTemplates.EditForm
Close on Escape GridEditFormPopupSettings.CloseOnEscape

The popup edit form (ASPxPopupControl class instance) template cannot contain another popup element (ASPxPopupControl or ASPxDockPanel). Refer to the ASPxPopupControl limitations topic for more information.