Main Features

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This document lists the main features of the DevExpress ASP.NET Spreadsheet.

  • Ribbon UI

    A Ribbon UI is automatically added to your spreadsheet application with ASPxSpreadsheet. You can also use an external ASPxRibbon as the ASPxSpreadsheet toolbar.

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  • Supported File Formats

    Load, convert and save workbooks to popular file formats such as XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, and others.

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  • Worksheets

    Create, rename, move, hide/unhide and delete worksheets in a workbook.

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  • Rows and Columns

    Insert, copy, hide and delete rows and columns, and adjust row height and column width.

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  • Frozen Panes

    Freeze panes to make specific columns and rows always visible while scrolling.

    See demo: Freeze Panes

  • Cells and Cell Ranges

    Add data of different types, hyperlinks and formulas to cells. Merge and unmerge cells, format, copy and clear cells, and manipulate cell ranges.

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  • Custom Appearance

    Customize the appearance of cells by specifying different format attributes (font, background, borders, number formats and alignment of cell content).

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  • Formula Calculation Engine

    Perform complex calculations using formulas with various functions and cell references, and create shared and array formulas.

    See demo: Formulas |See demo: API - Functions in Formulas |Learn more...

  • Pictures

    Insert, move, change, transform and delete pictures in a worksheet.

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  • Tables

    Format cell ranges as tables to manage and analyze related data.

  • Sorting

    Sort data in a range in ascending or descending order.

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  • Filtering

    Filter data: use the AutoFilter functionality to arrange large amounts of data by displaying only rows that meet filtering criteria.

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  • Charting

    Use charts to display data in the most appropriate way. A variety of chart types (such as bar charts and line charts) and their subtypes (such as stacked horizontal pyramid charts and 3-D line charts) is supported.

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  • Data Validation

    An Excel inspired data validation helps prevent end-users from entering wrong values into worksheet cells.

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  • Mail Merge

    Use the Mail Merge feature to easily personalize letters, and compose catalogs and master-detail reports of any complexity.

    See demo: Mail Merging |See demo: Custom Data Merging |Learn more...

  • Full-text Search

    The built-in ribbon UI and a specific Find dialog allow end-users to easily locate data within a worksheet.

  • Support for Protected Documents

    When opening a document that contains protected elements, the ASPxSpreadsheet prevents them from being modified by end-users.

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  • Printing

    The provided built-in ribbon UI allows end-users to easily customize the opened document for printing and print the entire workbook content.

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  • Worksheet Print Settings

    Specify print settings: set the paper size, margins, orientation and other settings for worksheet pages.

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  • Developer API

    The ASPxSpreadsheet control is built upon the Spreadsheet Core library, and exposes a comprehensive set of properties, methods, events and commands that enable you to build feature-rich applications.

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