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Funnel Diagram 3D

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This document details the specifics of the Funnel Diagram 3D type. It describes its purpose and specifics. Before reading this text, you may wish to review the basics of using a diagram in the ASP.NET Chart Control.

This document consists of the following sections.

Funnel Diagram 3D Overview

The FunnelDiagram3D object is only intended to plot series of the Funnel3DSeriesView type. In general, this diagram type inherits all its properties from the SimpleDiagram3D class.


For a description of the diagram’s specific options, refer to the corresponding section of the Simple Diagram 3D document.

To learn more about Funnel 3D charts, refer to Funnel Chart.

Accessing a Diagram

To access the options of a Funnel Diagram 3D at design time, click your chart, to select it. Then, in the Properties window, expand the WebChartControl.Diagram property.


At runtime, cast your instance of the Diagram object to the FunnelDiagram3D type.

// Create a WebChartControl instance.
WebChartControl chart = new WebChartControl();

// Create a series of a compatible view type, 
// and add it to the chart's collection,
// so the diagram object shall not to be equal to null.
Series series1 = new Series("Funnel 3D Series 1", ViewType.Funnel3D);

// Create a diagram, and cast it to the FunnelDiagram3D type.
FunnelDiagram3D diagram = (FunnelDiagram3D)chart.Diagram;

For web charts, there is a restriction, disallowing use of 3D charts under the Medium Trust permission level. To learn more on this, refer to Medium Trust Support.

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