ASPxPopupControl Limitations

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  • The ASPxPopupControl control cannot contain another popup element (another ASPxPopupControl, ASPxDockPanel, etc.) inside the content collection of any of its windows. If your scenario requires another popup element (e.g., a separate ASPxDockPanel) to appear when clicking the button located in the popup window, you must place this element outside of the first popup control.

    Note that the following DevExpress controls provide a popup edit form, which is a built-in ASPxPopupControl control.

    This means that you cannot place the ASPxPopupControl control inside the edit form template of any of these controls if you're using the popup edit form.

  • The ASPxPopupControl control's width and height specified by the ASPxWebControl.Width and ASPxWebControl.Height properties cannot be set in percentages. The dimensions must be set in pixels, so the control can be correctly displayed in all browsers.
  • The ASPxPopupControl control contains a built-in ASPxCallbackPanel component. For this reason, if the content of your popup control contains a definition of a javascript function, you might face the Uncaught ReferenceError when trying to call it. This issue and how to overcome it is described in detail in the corresponding KB article.


    This also means that if you need to update the content of the popup without refreshing the whole page, there's no need to wrap it in a separate callback panel. Use the client-side ASPxClientPopupControlBase.PerformCallback method for this purpose.