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Drag Handle

Drag Handles are draggable elements that can be moved by end-users along the track to change ASPxTrackBar's current value (value range).

When the TrackBarProperties.AllowRangeSelection is set to true, an ASPxTrackBar displays two drag handles (main and secondary) to support the value range selection. The main drag handle specifies a range start position. The secondary drag handle specifies a range end position.


The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Visibility ASPxTrackBar.ShowDragHandles
Behavior ASPxTrackBar.Step
Main Drag Handle ASPxTrackBar.MainDragHandleStyle,ASPxTrackBar.MainDragHandleImage
Secondary Drag Handle ASPxTrackBar.SecondaryDragHandleStyle,ASPxTrackBar.SecondaryDragHandleImage
Tooltip ASPxTrackBar.DragHandleToolTip
Localization ASPxEditorsStringId.TrackBar_Drag